We offer the following diagnostic testing procedures*:
- Comprehensive Audiometry (hearing evaluation)
               - equipped to test children as young as 6 to 12 months of age
       - Tympanometry / Immittance (tests the integrity of the eardrum and acoustic 
                            reflex thresholds & reflex decay)
       - OAE / otoacoustic emissions (tests the inner ear/hair cell function)
       - ABR / auditory brainstem response (tests the auditory nerve pathway - threshold                                    search or neurodiagnostic)
- Comprehensive Balance Evaluation, including    
       - VNG / videonystagmography (tests all 3 parts of the balance system)
       - ECoG / electrocochleography (tests the inner ear for a specific cause of vertigo)
       - VEMP / vestibular evoked myogenic potential (tests integrity of the inferior branch of                          the vestibular nerve and the saccule)
        - CRT / canalith repositioning therapy (for patients with BPPV)

*Some procedures may require an order or referral from your physician to be covered by your insurance benefitsType your paragraph here.

We provide the following devices and services to help you hear your best:

     - The most up-to-date and advanced Beltone hearing aids available in the market                    today, in several styles and price points to help fit your lifestyle and your needs.
          - Find the product that fits you here

     - We offer state-of-the-art CROS technology for patients with single-sided deafness or                    other conditions which cause hearing loss in one ear.

    - Hearing instrument verification: making sure your hearing aids are fitting well and                          providing benefit is one of the most important parts of wearing them!
     - Repairs
     - Remakes
     - Earmolds
​     - Tinnitus management
     - Hearing protection


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